About Fiona Lawson ANutr

Hello! I’m Fiona.

I help you feel great in your skin.

I’ve had my fair share of skin concerns, from acne to dullness to premature aging. As a former journalist and beauty editor, I had access to some of the best treatments and products available—
but I found none was a lasting solution to my skin woes.

Only when I tweaked what I put in my body did I achieve the complexion I craved. I was delighted! But I was also confused…because I’d always been told that food doesn’t affect our skin (and I bet you’ve heard the same).

Determined to learn more, I undertook a master’s degree in Nutritional Medicine and applied my journalistic rigour to uncovering the science behind food and skin.

What I discovered was both fascinating and empowering. From smoothing out wrinkles to clearing up blemishes to achieving that coveted natural glow, modern science shows us that targeted nutrition has the potential to transform your skin.

Skincare starts on your plate—and it’s my mission to share this information with everyone who cares about their complexion.

I’m so glad you’re here!

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