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Registered Associate Nutritionist

Fiona Lawson BA (Hons) MSc DipCNM ANutr is a registered nutritionist, researcher and skin specialist.

My passion is to help you achieve great skin from the inside out.

Before becoming a nutritionist, I was a journalist. I worked in national newspapers and magazines, including a spell as a beauty editor. I loved receiving all the product samples—but I soon came to realise that few of them could deliver on their promises.

In a quest to solve my skin issues, I stopped relying solely on cosmetics and tweaked my diet and lifestyle too. The improvement was dramatic.

Compelled to learn more, I undertook three years of study at the College of Naturopathic Medicine and graduated with distinction. I became increasingly fascinated by the peer-reviewed research and opted to study for another three years! I went on to complete a master’s degree in Nutritional Medicine, for which I received the Yakult Nutritional Medicine Prize for achieving the highest mark at the final examination level.

I am here to deliver what we’ve all been missing: a science-led, whole-body approach to achieving our best complexion. Starting with The Happy Skin Roadmap, my mission is to distil the latest science into simple, practical steps—so you can feel happy in your skin.

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Happy Skin From Within

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What is EpithelTM?

Epithel is skincare that goes deeper. Its approach is built on five key values:

Epithel value - Education

Research into the gut-skin axis is developing all the time. Everyone should have access to the latest skin science.

Epithel value - Empowerment

Learn as much or as little as you like, and decide what works for you and your lifestyle.

Epithel value - Ease

Simple, practical steps are the best way to create long-term results.

Epithel value - Kindness

Blame has no place in skincare. You can take action to help yourself, but that doesn’t mean your skin condition is your fault.

Epithel value - Freedom

You don’t have to be bound to one product, one supplement or one diet. Great skin is achieved with lots of little steps.

Epithel is for everyone. Welcome to the community!