Digestive Complaints

More than 40% of people suffer from some form of digestive discomfort. What’s more, 1 in 3 people have self-diagnosed IBS. Are you one of them?

There is a broad spectrum of digestive complaints.

To begin with, you have the odd bit of bloating or gassiness, which is perfectly manageable from time to time. Then it becomes a little more regular, and you begin to get feel around certain foods. Soon enough, the bloating becomes rather painful, and it’s more and more difficult to ignore.

You start to become constipated easily or, on the other hand, you experience regular bouts of diarrhoea. You find yourself cancelling the odd social engagement if you’re having a bad day. You may even become fixated with knowing where the nearest toilet is at all times.

Without you realising, your little bit of bloating has become an issue that determines your behaviour.

Many people avoid seeking help due to embarrassment, anxiety or the belief that they will be put on a highly restrictive diet. Those who do make it to their doctor may come away with a medication, but often find that it’s limited in its effectiveness.


“Through applying Functional Medicine principles, we can create a targeted approach to resolving digestive issues”


Other people may spend hours searching online for a solution but, after weeks or months or even years of trying different approaches, they feel they’re not really making any progress.

The quality of our digestion not only has a huge impact on our physical health, but also our mental wellbeing. If you feel a little ridiculous for how much it bothers you, please know you shouldn’t. You have rightly realised that a healthy, happy gut is of critical importance.

There are lots of factors that can impact your digestion. These include food intolerances, bacterial imbalance, stress, hormones levels, immune responses, enzyme deficiencies, stomach acid levels and many more. The key to achieving smooth digestion—and a dramatically improved sense of wellbeing—is to find out your particular triggers and address them. These will be as unique as you are.

Through applying Functional Medicine principles, we can create a targeted approach to resolving digestive issues. Through nutritional therapy, we can harness a natural toolbox to restore balance. No one should feel at the mercy of their digestion—you should feel free to enjoy your life! Smooth, easy, effective digestion is achievable.

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