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Friday non-food treat: March4 minute read

The food we choose should be both nourishing and enjoyable, but it’s not the only thing that can give us pleasure—far from it!

A huge part of having a happy, healthy and easy relationship with food is recognising that it’s just one of many facets that come together to make a rich and fulfilling day. So many other things can sustain us: hugging our children, relaxing with a book for 20 minutes, or even sharing a smile with a stranger on the street.

Weekends tend to be the time we over-indulge, equating eating or drinking with relaxation (consciously or otherwise). Now, don’t get me wrong—I wholeheartedly believe there’s always room for a glass of red wine, a piece of birthday cake, or sharing some chocolate with a loved one. I don’t believe, however, that food and drink should be the only way we show ourselves self-care.

With that in mind, this new series will showcase some of the non-food items that are bringing me joy. By sharing them on a Friday, I hope that it will encourage you to notice all the little, non-edible pleasures that pepper your weekend!

Enjoy your food—and the rest of your life.


Some years ago—before delving into the wonderful world of nutrition—I held the position of beauty editor at a national women’s magazine.

To begin with, it was a dream role. I would be sent parcels and parcels of products: everything from vegan shampoo to eye-wateringly expensive skincare. I came to realise two things:

1) There aren’t enough hours in the day to use all the beauty products on offer.

2) A lot of them make rather outlandish claims.

Now, let me be clear: I know through both professional and personal experience that a truly well-formulated product, matched to the right person, can work wonders.

I’m also aware that the beauty industry is structured in such a way that it’s easy to make claims (‘Erase your wrinkles!’) without rigorous substantiation. This is, thankfully, not the case in the nutrition world, where all claims made by registered professionals are expected to be evidence-based.

One further thing I appreciate is that your skin is your largest organ, and it absorbs what you put on it. I’ll just say that last bit again: your skin absorbs what you put on it. Just as you should read an ingredients label before eating something, you should read an ingredients label before putting something on your skin. Ultimately, it’s all going to end up in your body.

Ingredients to watch out for on cosmetics labels is a big topic (perhaps one for another article) but, in the meantime, let me introduce you to a product that free from all the nasties. In fact, it is made from pure, 100% organic ingredients, many of which are grown on a farm in Herefordshire.

Friday non food treat
Herbfarmacy Mallow Beauty Balm, £20

I am not affiliated with Herbfarmacy in any way—I simply love this product! It’s a solid yet malleable balm, which melts with the heat of your hands. It has a delicate, slightly zesty fragrance that is pleasant without being overpowering. You can use the balm in three ways:

As a cleanser. Used in conjunction with a damp muslin cloth, I find it removes make-up well.

As a moisturiser. Spread lightly, it’s hydrating without being greasy. If you wear make-up during the day, leave a good 15 minutes before applying foundation (liquid or powder).

As a mask. Rub in a generous amount and leave overnight. You’ll wake up with a genuine dewiness! My husband tends to have dry skin, and this balm has worked wonders for him.

One little point of interest: the mallow of the title is not a marshmallow sweet, but marshmallow root! This root has been used for centuries to enhance health. Amongst its many benefits, two are particularly pertinent to the quality of your skin: it’s naturally anti-inflammatory [1] and naturally moisturising [2]. This product may therefore be a useful addition to your cabinet if you suffer from eczema (though, of course, you can also support this through your diet).

I’ve also been hugely impressed by Herbfarmacy as a company. They work in a way that respects the earth, showing real reverence for both the soil and the plants they grow. If we’re going to preserve our topsoil for generations to come, we need more companies like this! They also treat their customers very well: I received samples of other products in their range with my order, which was a lovely surprise.

Both the beauty editor and nutrition professional in me are seriously impressed—and I’m sure you will be too.

For bespoke advice on supporting your skin health, please feel free to get in touch.

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