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Alexandra Soveral is a skin specialist. Not only is she an in-demand facialist and the creator of the organic skincare brand SOVERAL, she’s also the author of Perfect Skin.

In an age of harsh cosmetic treatments, Alexandra champions a natural approach. And it’s won her a legion of fans: she’s been called ‘the insider’s beauty weapon’ (The Telegraph) and a ‘miracle worker’ (Vogue).

Here Alexandra reveals her favourite foods, explains why she’s against quick fixes and shares what she’s learnt in the lab and in life…


How would you describe your job?

I see myself as an explorer of the natural world, searching for ways to enhance our health through the products we use every day.

My time is divided into sections, which involves working as a holistic therapist, manufacturing products, researching in the lab and exploring the planet.

It all interlinks and results in what we offer at SOVERAL: a naturally healthy approach to skincare.


What inspired you to work in this area?

What inspired me 20 years ago is still what inspires me today: wanting to preserve and celebrate nature as well as our health. The two go hand in hand.


What does your typical day look like?

No two days are the same and it very much depends on what area I’m working on. My diary is booked a year in advance so I can plan my research around my other work areas.

Lab weeks are spent in solitude. I need time to think and concentrate. Clinic weeks are spent talking to clients and doing treatments.

I tend to think about what I’m working on around the clock, so outside my set appointments I do not have a structured workday. My only daily rules are:

– Get up at 6.30am, and go to bed at 11pm.

– Fast at least 16 hours every day—though this rule is often broken during holidays.

– Eat as many veggies as possible.

– Meditate or go for a walk once a day.


What does health mean to you?

Living in harmony with our bodies and minds. Also feeling connected to nature—this is possibly the best way to achieve good health, as we are made of the same building blocks.


What do you think are the biggest misperceptions about health today?

The ‘quick fixes’, which range from crash diets to chemically dangerous skincare that gives you fast results. These are such a fad. A quick result often comes with the price of a long-term health danger.

I really believe in the saying, ‘There’s no such thing as a free lunch!’ Everything comes at a cost.


What’s your favourite thing to eat?

My favourite meal of all time is a green salad with a dressing of vinegar and olive oil, and a side of French fries.



If you could give just one piece of advice concerning food, what would it be and why?

We need to find harmony and balance in our food choices. I believe that eating less but choosing better quality is the answer to many issues concerning health and the ecosystem.

I also believe that dairy products are not good for us and cause animals enormous distress. I think the world is still in denial about this. The growth hormones naturally found in dairy are meant for animals to grow big and fast…not really the way we want to go.


Whom do you look up to, and why?

Sir David Attenborough, but doesn’t everyone?

The people I really look up to are dedicated workforces. These include NHS nurses, doctors, firefighters and teachers—and all those who dedicate their lives to make our lives better. I have an enormous amount of respect for them. I’m certainly not into the celebrity-obsessed world of today.


Tell us something about you that people wouldn’t expect.

I love red wine! People expect me to live a saintly life and are often shocked when they see me enjoy a nice glass of red wine.


Aside from good health, family and friends, what do you cherish in your life?

I love my time at home pottering around, caring for my houseplants, cooking and doing arts and crafts projects whenever I can. I’m now learning to draw geometric shapes from the flower of life—it’s sacred geometry.


You can learn more about Alexandra and her hand-blended skincare range at

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