Beauty smoothie

Recipe: Beauty smoothie1 minute read

I generally prefer to eat my calories rather than drink them—but I can make an exception for this smoothie. It’s full of skin-loving ingredients: beetroot reduces inflammation, avocado provides lots of monounsaturated fat and the kefir is filled with good bacteria. Enjoy cold for an enlivening and nourishing breakfast. Please excuse the hungry little man in the background!


Serves 1

1 cup kefir (made with goat’s milk or coconut milk)
½ cup beetroot (cooked or raw)
½ cup frozen cherries
¼ avocado
1 tbsp flaxseed
Squeeze fresh lime juice
¼ tsp pure vanilla extract



1. Put all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.


Tip: for more of a pudding or mousse-like texture, blend for longer to allow the avocado to thicken.

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